Why St.George's?

If you are looking for the original tastes of Egypt and also want top quality in your products in prices that little have changed the last few years.

Then the St.George's brand that for more than 100 years is established in Egypt and produces such products can give you a variety of products and product series that will satisfy all your needs.

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Where can you find St.George's Products?


St.George's products can be found in many local stores in Alexandria and of course in all the Supermarkets (such as Carefour, Faragala etc)

To see where exactly you can find St.George's products press here...

St.George's Factory

St.George’s History


Stefanos Panagiotis Tamvakis a young, adventurous, creative with natural eye for business, arrived in Alexandria Egypt. There he founded a foodstuffs factory which he named "St.George’s ". The year was 1906.

At first, the company produced rice flour, packed tea and baby food.

But, not satisfied with this, Stefanos Panagiotis Tamvakis extended the company's product range to include the production of indigo, floor wax and household products.

The new product range replaced the old, taking a firm hold in the market.

Baking Powder, Vanilla Essence, Jelly Powder, Pudding Powder, Caster Powder, Spicy  Sauce, Curry Powder, Falafel (an oriental delicacy), and Corn Flour are just few of the new product range



We are proud to be the first company in Egypt, using the most modern packaging equipments to pack our products in sachets, a revolutionary way of packaging at that time.

After all, the growth would never stop.

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